Private medical insurance is widely available and is more affordable than you might think. With SGFM at your side, we’ll help you find the right level of insurance at the right price. 

Important things to consider when taking out private medical insurance:

Taking our health insurance will shorten waiting times to receive treatment or diagnosis

You will have better access to facilities, such as a private room

Some providers may have access to specialist drugs and treatment that may not be available on the NHS

Level of coverage varies. Generally the more comprehensive a policy is, the more expensive the premiums are. The various options can include: out-patient cover, cancer cover, mental health cover, and therapies cover

Some conditions may not be covered if you currently have, or have had them before taking out the policy – these are known as ‘pre-existing conditions’

Most providers allow you to choose your excess level – the amount you must pay each time you make a claim. Generally, the higher your excess, the lower your premiums are

Some providers offer bonuses and discounts for keeping fit and healthy before and during the term of your policy

Like car insurance, some providers may also issue a no-claims discount

Why more and more people are using SGFM to advise them on private medical insurance

Whether it’s an emergency, an illness, or disease, you will want the best treatment available without the wait.

Insuring your workforce is a smart move. While it works as a great employee incentive, it may also help get key staff back to work faster.

We take the time to get to know you and your current financial circumstances. We look at your existing arrangements and what you hope to achieve in the future. We then give you as much, or as little, independent private health insurance advice as you want or need.

As part of the Smailes Goldie Group, we are able to offer you truly independent, cost-efficient advice, using the whole of the market to achieve your financial goals.

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