With expert advice from SGFM, we ensure that you make the most out of investing into your business. Find out why more and more people are using SGFM to advise them on Business Protection.

Financial reviews

Could your organisation benefit from a financial health check? Allow us to come in and talk to your staff about all aspects of financial planning, including pensions, savings and investments, debt, mortgages, family protection and inheritance planning.

Keyperson Assurance

Every business has a key person or people who contribute significantly to its success. We can help identify these key individuals and arrange protection should they suddenly fall ill or die. Keyperson Assurance ensures that the employer is covered in finding and hiring a replacement, without exposing themselves to costs.

Life Cover for Business Risks

Could your business repay a loan should a keyperson, such as a shareholder or owner, suddenly die or fall ill? Life cover for business borrowing could provide some financial stability while your business gets back to its feet by paying a lump sum to cover outstanding loans. All types of borrowing can be covered, including commercial loans and mortgages, venture capital loans, directors’ loans, and personal guarantees.

Expert advisors

We take the time to get to know you and your current financial circumstances. We look at your existing arrangements and what you hope to achieve in the future. We then give you as much, or as little, independent corporate financial planning advice as you want or need.


As part of the Smailes Goldie Group, we are able to offer you truly independent, cost-efficient advice, using the whole of the market to achieve your financial goals.

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